When I grow up.. I wanna be Superwoman

In Uncategorized on January 5, 2011 at 5:06 PM

Falling for this seasons top 2 trends are inevitable.  The color of CAMEL and the essential CAPE have captivated our hearts.  Anyone and everyone knows this sophisticated hue is the preferred palate that will complement your Autumnal look. I’m loving them all…  Chloe, McQueen, andStella McCartney each have a fab version.  And don’t forget essentials available at Shopbop and H&M.  The curse of Camel is something that we all wish to be cast with.

To create a camel cape of your own, simply find a camel blanket or even a large piece of fabric, in the perfect shade.  You can use any type of material… soft cottons, heavy fleeces, or nubby knits.  Make a pattern, follow the lines, and cut your neck opening.  Glue back the edges, creating a clean, finished, hem.  Sew 2 buttons on both sides.  This will be your arm hole opening and also a nice detail to add a bit of shape and help it drape.

P.S.- Be a caped crusader… and cruise through the season in camel!



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